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When will an ED physician admit a patient to the hospital? Explain
Emergency Room Guide What to Bring If possible, patients should bring the following with them to the ED: Personal Identification such as a driver's license, passport, [ etc. Copy of medical insurance information List of current medications and dosages in which they are taken Check-in Upon arrival at the Emergency Department patients are asked to complete a "quick registration," to enter their
information into our electronic medical records database. Proper identification is very important as it ensures that we access the correct medical record. At that time either an ED technician or paramedic will take the patient's vital signs, or they will be escorted straight to the triage nurse. Triage The triage nurse makes sure the patients with the most serious injury or illness are seen first. We do not see patients according to their time of arrival, but according the seriousness of their condition. All patients are important to us, but priority must be given to patients with the most serious condition. After seeing the triage nurse, patients will be placed in a room or in a waiting area depending on the availability of beds and the seriousness of the patient's injury or illness. Before eating or drinking anything, patients are asked to check with the triage nurse as it could effect treatment. Our experienced Emergency Department staff may begin medical assessments for those patients in the waiting room in order to expedite care. All studies conducted, whether patients are in the waiting room or patient room are billable. All patients are urged to notify hospital staff if they decide to leave the ED before receiving treatment or if they feel their symptoms are worsening. Medical Exam Once patients are placed in a treatment room, an emergency medicine physician will exam them. The attending physician may decide to order clinical tests such as blood work, X-rays, a CT scan or an ultrasound, in which case patients may need to wait for the results before their physician can make a decision about proper treatment. We encourage our patients to ask questions of the nurses and physicians on staff. ]
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