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The main job of the Office of Management and Budget is to A. prepare Congressional appropriations bills. B. create the federal budget based on the needs of various agencies. C. coordinate the work of Congressional committees in order to create a budget bill. D. approve or disapprove the federal budget proposed by Congress.
Weegy: The answer is letter A. User: What economic theory did Ronald Reagan base his policies upon after becoming President in 1980? A. supply-side economics B. Keynesian economics C. demand-side economics D. classical economics Weegy: A. supply-side economics User: How does the expenditure approach calculate GDP? A. It adds up all the incomes in the economy. B. It adds up the value of four groups of final goods and services. C. It adds up the value of business goods and services. D. It adds up the value of consumer goods and services. Weegy: As we mentioned earlier, GDP can be calculated by either adding up all of the expenditures on goods and services produced in the economy or by adding up all of the income received by labor and other inputs in the economy. [ These are the expenditure and income approaches to calculating GDP. The Expenditure Approach The expenditure approach involves counting expenditures on goods and services by different groups in the economy. The four main components are consumption expenditures by households (C), gross private investment spending principally by firms (I), government purchases of goods and services (G), and net exports (exports minus imports EX - IM). Here is an equation that sums it up: GDP = C + I + G + (EX - IM) ] (More)
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The speaker is the ____________ of the message. A. decoder B. encoder C. transmitter D. channel
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Updated 53 days ago|7/14/2015 3:37:42 AM
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The speaker is the transmitter of the message.
Added 53 days ago|7/14/2015 3:37:42 AM
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