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Q: 1. The consequences of death, disfigurement, or debilitating injury __________ for every 10 mph over 50 mph that the vehicle travels. A. Doubles B. Triples C. Quadruples D. None of the
above 2. The cellular phone industry is growing at a growth rate of A. 25% B. 35% C. 50% D. 40% 3. __________, combined with lap/shoulder safety belts, offer the most effective safety protection available today for passenger vehicle occupants. A. Head rests B. Crumple zones C. Air bags D. None of the above 4. The best source of information on scheduled vehicle maintenance should come from: A. A mechanic B. A friend C. The car dealer D. Owner's manual 5. When a driver is attempting to pass you and he is acting in an unsafe manner, speed up so he will not pass you and eventually slow down. A. True B. False 6. A designated driver is somebody who does not drink any alcohol. A. True B. False 7. Safe driving only involves mental exercise. A. True B. False 8. Wind can be a problem on an over pass. A. True B. False 9. For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. A. True B. False 10. A solid yellow line to the right of a broken yellow line means: A. You may pass on the left. B. Passing or crossing is prohibited. C. Passing or crossing is prohibited in that lane, except when turning left. D. None of the above. 11. How many alcohol related fatalities were there in Florida in 2004 in the 20-24 age group? A. 95 B. 175 C. 120 D. 300 12. What is the alcohol content in an average glass of wine? A. 5 % alcohol B. 10 % alcohol C. 12 % alcohol D. 18 % alcohol 13. Euphoria can cause a person to take chances that they would not normally take. A. True B. False 14. How many seconds ahead should the driver look for medium distance potential hazards? A. 2 B. 5 C. 10 D. 15 15. If you are driving 70 mph and you are temporarily blinded for 3 seconds, how far will you travel before you regain your vision again? A. 50 yards B. 100 yards C. 200 yards D. 400 yards 16. Headlights that are aimed too high are harmless. A. True B. False 17. It is ok to shine your high beams into a car that is coming at you with his high beams on. A. True B. False 18. A red signal on a traffic light means: A. You must stop before entering a crosswalk B. You must stop before entering the intersection C. You shall remain stopped until a green signal is active D. All the above 19. Anti-lock braking systems are very good on wet roadways with less then normal or little friction. A. True B. False 20. Speed limits as a rule are posted in all areas and change with the situation. A. True B. False 21. Speeding causes all of the following except: A. Reduces a driver's ability to steer safely. B. Extends stopping distance. C. Increases awareness. D. Reduces the ability to avoid objects on the highway. 22. Alcohol gets to the brain through A. Blood B. Oxygen C. Carbon dioxide D. Nitrogen 23. What is not an instrument of a person that is mobility impaired? A. Cane B. Crutches C. Walker D. Motorcycle 24. _________ of passengers who were ejected from the vehicle were killed. A. 100% B. 10% C. 25% D. 74% 25. What is not involved in making a judgment about a traffic situation? A. Guessing B. Measuring C. Comparing D. Evaluating 26. How many people were injured in alcohol related crashes in the United States? A. 250,000 B. 248,000 C. 380,000 D. 450,000 27. The court can not impound your car for a DUI conviction. A. True B. False 28. A driver is allowed to park on a hard surface of a highway where parking spaces are not marked. A. True B. False 29. One of the most prevalent factors contributing to traffic crashes is speeding. A. True B. False 30. If your right wheels go off the road, just slam on your brakes. A. True B. False 31. Highway routes that run East and West are numbered evenly and those running North and South are odd numbers. A. True B. False 32. What is a flooded engine? A. When to much fuel and not enough air reaches the engine. B. When you drive though a large puddle and the engine stalls. C. You over fill the gas tank. D. You drive the car into a canal. 33. Where can fog be especially prevalent? A. Valleys B. Mountains C. Plains D. Cities 34. What should you do if a driver is attempting to pass you? A. Speed up B. Ignore him C. Stay at your same speed D. Honk your horn. 35. Lubrication is the use of oil and grease to reduce friction in a car's moving parts. A. True B. False 36. When predicting the actions of others, you must not assume the actions of others. A. True B. False 37. A "Narrow Bridge" sign means that the bridge ahead is only wide enough to accommodate two lanes of traffic with very little room. A. True B. False 38. It is illegal to park within _____ feet of a fire hydrant. A. 15 B. 35 C. 50 D. 75 39. Some common driving distractions are caused by: A. Talking on a cell phone. B. Route problems in unfamiliar areas. C. Vehicle problems. D. All the above. 40. The length of time it takes to execute your actions is your reaction time. A. True B. False
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