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Identify the political and cultural problems that Confucius faced and write a 100-word report on how he tried to solve these problems.
Weegy: Confucius’s Ideas Confucius (551-479 B.C.) was one of these philosophers. [ He had many ideas about how to change Chinese society for the better. Point to these dates on the class time line. Continued on next page© 2005, Ballard & Tighe, Publishers, a division of Educational IDEAS, Inc. From Explore the Ancient World. Permission granted to reproduce for one classroom only. 2 Confucius thought that by following the traditions valued by the very first kings of the Zhou Dynasty, once again there would be order in society. He thought that the best way to live was to be tolerant of others and to have self-discipline. The “gentleman,” Confucius’s ideal man, was educated, loyal, and fair, concerned about other people, and had integrity and good manners. According to his followers, Confucius said, “Never do to others what you would not like them to do to you.” He thought another way to keep order in society was to have defined roles for people. Some people were superior to other people: rulers were superior to subjects, fathers were superior to sons, husbands were superior to wives, and so forth. He believed it was important for the higher ranking person to take proper care of the lower ranking person. At the same time, he believed the lower ranking person should obey the higher ranking person. In this way, the order of society could be maintained. Confucius believed that family was central to the stability of society. Confucius taught his ideas to many people. As a result of Confucius’s teachings, Chinese society started to change. More value was placed on education. Rulers established schools to teach Confucian ideas. Instead of government offices being filled by nobles who had family connections, men took civil service examinations to gain government positions. ] (More)
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Asked 11/21/2011 2:02:22 PM
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