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Q: Provide 5 ways in which you critically discuss how lifestyle sexually transmitted hiv/aids disease behaviour impact on the teenager
A: There are many serious challenges facing healthcare authorities worldwide. [ [ In the developed, countries these challenges are related less and less to infectious diseases, but increasingly to the so-called ?lifestyle diseases?, that is, disorders, largely self-inflicted, arising from imprudent personal behaviour, activities and even over-indulgence. In the developing countries, however, the
healthcare challenges are largely allied to poverty, poor sanitation and chronic malnutrition; factors which provide a fertile ground for diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria and HIV/AIDS. However, even in these countries the ?diseases of lifestyle? are, ominously, becoming more prevalent, as increasing numbers of the populace adopt the deleterious lifestyle practices which often predominate in Western societies. This presentation outlines what we know about lifestyle diseases, and how their prevention and treatment can considered from the Unani-Unani perspective. Definition of lifestyle disease The term ?lifestyle disease? has become common currency in the healthcare field. As might be expected, there is some debate as what is meant exactly by the term. Lifestyle diseases are diseases which arise because of the way people choose to live their lives. In Western, industrialised countries lifestyle diseases are accepted as diseases which become more prevalent as the country becomes more industrialised and affluent. This results in people living in the ?fast lane?, over-indulging and not living healthy lives. In Unani, however there is no differentiation between lifestyle and other diseases. All diseases are the result of poor management of the six governing (or essential) factors, beyond the ability of physis or Tabiat to maintain and restore homeostasis. In this context, lifestyle diseases are diseases that can be prevented by conscious changes to the person?s diet, behaviour and environment. ] ]
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Asked 5/5/2012 3:50:06 AM
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