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what are the top three ways you motivate yourself when you need to study or complete your school work and why
Weegy: Three ways you motivate yourself when you need to study or complete your school work 1. The 5-Minute Mind Hack Here's a trick to get you studying a subject that you'd rather not be doing. [ The trick is to tell yourself that you will only study for 5-minutes - and if you're still not motivated to keep going - you can stop. Most people who commit themselves to a mere 5-minute study session will keep going. It's just a matter of forcing yourself to start. So get to it. 2. Set some goals for yourself during each study session. Every time you sit down to start studying you should make a habit to write down your study session goals. Your study goals could be as simple as: Read book Take notes Write flashcards Write outline for paper By writing mini-goals it will help you focus on the areas you need to finish. And you'll feel good as you complete each goal and cross them off your list. 3. Give yourself a reward after studying Plan on giving yourself a reward after you study. The reward doesn't have to be something that costs money either - it could be time spent playing games or networking on MySpace. Just make sure the reward is something worth studying for. ] (More)
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Asked 6/5/2013 5:29:48 PM
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