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Smart-growth efforts are being used with great benefit to growing communities. Which one of the following is a principle of smart-growth? (Points : 5) To allow higher density populations, all available spaces in a town should be used for housing. Expanding suburbs should have physical boundaries that limit further spread. Expanding towns should carefully segregate commercial and residential buildings. Existing stores and light industry must move outside of the town ...
Weegy: Answer is expanding towns should carefully segregate commercial and residential buildings. User: One of the most common ways that modern cities have become more livable is by (Points : 5) shifting emphasis from personal automobiles to public transportation. decreasing the density of the population throughout the cities. eliminating all city taxes and instead relying upon federal aid. requiring all citizens to perform monthly community service. Weegy: Answer is shifting emphasis from personal automobiles to public transportation. User: . The general progress in Trenton, New Jersey comes from changes that (Points : 5) increase recycling. improve the quality of city living. increase private ownership of homes instead of public housing. promote ethnic segregation. 5. In the more livable modern cities of the world, you are now less likely to see (Points : 5) parking lots. automobiles. highways. parking lots, automobiles, and highways. 6. Which of the following activities generally occurs less frequently in the United States in the period following WW II? (Points : 5) walking to work riding in a car eating produce from outside the United States flying to your vacation destination 7. Over the past 60 years, as people moved from U.S. cities to suburbs, the people that were left behind in the cities were primarily (Points : 5) older, poor people representing ethnic minorities. younger, wealthy people representing ethnic minorities. older and wealthy Caucasians. younger Caucasians. 8. The people of Easter Island failed to live (Points : 5) sustainably. with sound science. with social justice. through political action. 9. Which one of the following permitted the widespread move into suburbs after WW II? (Points : 5) increased use of telephones ... (More)
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