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Q: describe how to administer first aid for minor injuries
A: All Chemical, electrical, radiation and large burns should be seen by a health care provider The most important thing to do when someone is burned is to stop the burning. [ If the burn is a heat, or thermal burn, immerse or run cool water over the burn. Avoid direct ice contact as this may increase tissue damage. If the burn is a chemical burn, flush the area with copious amounts of cool water.
If it is a lime burn, you should brush off the lime powder first, then flush copiously. Do not apply ointments to fresh burns as they may trap heat in the burned tissue. Ointments are useful to keep the burn moist later when the burn is well cooled. First degree burns are superficial minor injuries that only involve the top layer or epidermis of the skin. These burns cause redness and swelling of the top layer of skin. They are very sensitive to heat and light touch. They will usually heal by themselves without scarring within a few days. Extensive burns on very young or very old persons, or if the person is feeling ill should be seen by a health care provider. Second degree burns involve the deeper layer of skin called the dermis. The skin will be blistered and may look moist or mottled. They are intensely painful. With good care they will heal with little scarring in about 3 weeks. These burns should be seen by a health care provider if they are aver 10% of the body surface area, if they encircle a body part, or pain control is needed. Young children, senior citizens, and ill patients should be seen by a health care provider. Third degree burns are full thickness burns of the skin. The damage may extend into tissues below the skin surface. These burns look charred and blackened with areas of red and white within them. All third degree burns should be evaluated by a professional health care provider. ]
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Asked 7/20/2012 10:49:48 AM
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