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Explain how information about personality and life history can be used to support an individual to live well with dementia?
High-quality support for people with dementia begins with the recognition that each person is an individual with their own needs, preferences and life story. [ An understanding of the experiences of the person with dementia, of their strengths and abilities, combined with a multi-disciplinary team approach, will ensure the person's quality of life is enhanced. There are many forms of dementia
and they all involve permanent and progressive damage to the brain. It is not an inevitable consequence of ageing. Despite images that show people with dementia as disoriented or dishevelled, in reality they look like everyone else. This means that unusual behaviour caused by dementia may be misunderstood by other people. For example, we may assume that a person will remember us if we have met them on a number of previous occasions, but for a person with dementia the damage to the brain may have caused short-term memory loss or facial recognition problems, rendering them unable to recognise a face that should be familiar. What appears to be exceptional forgetfulness, or even rudeness, is in fact the result of physical changes in the brain. For more information go to: ]
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Asked 7/8/2012 2:19:52 PM
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