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How does group communication differ from individual communication?
Communication can be described as the means by which individuals disperse and transmit meaning in an effort to generate mutual comprehension. [ This procedure necessitates an immense collection of proficiency in "intrapersonal" and "interpersonal" practicing, paying attention, scrutinizing, vocalizations, inquiry, evaluation, and assessments. Implementation of these practices can be transmitted
to every aspect of life. Via communication, teamwork and collaboration are allowed to take place. If there is a singular uniting subject matter which traverses every field, it is the exchange and transmission of ideas in an informative manner. Communication is the interface to fundamental literacy and intellectual distinction. Communication is an important cornerstone of all groups, and often the variable, which determines their success or failure. Effective communication builds trust and mutual respect and facilitates learning. Although communication is frequently thought of in terms of written or oral dialogue, actions are also important forms of communication and indicate commitment to stated agreements. (Department of Primary Industries, 2001). Due to the fact that the opinions and thoughts of individuals vary the connotations in individual and group communication can fluctuate. It is of fundamental importance to recognize this fact as it certainly has an effect on communication. If an individual communicates information to an individual or group, the receiver is required to understand the information in the way it was intended. It is consequently imperative to request opinions, in order to compare assessments in order to arrive at a common understanding. It should then be ensured that the communication transmitted is the communication that has been received. Group communication can be a difficult skill to learn due to the fact that there are numerous members, who may have differing views and opinions on the subject at hand. This should be taken into consideration and duly noted. ]
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Asked 8/25/2011 1:52:40 PM
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What is group communication?
Weegy: Group communication refers to communication between 3 or more individuals. [ Small group communication includes numbers from 3 to about 20 people, and large group communication includes numbers larger than that (i.e., a lecture hall of 300 students or a theatrical production with an audience of 3,000). For communication between two individuals, see interpersonal communication. ] (More)
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Asked 8/25/2011 1:36:42 PM
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What conflict resolution strategies could be used in case of disagreement?
Weegy: Be assertive. Give a suggestion, see if he agrees with you, if he doesn't, let him give a suggestion and then see if you agree with it. Keep going until you both agree on something and you'll be good. (More)
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Asked 8/25/2011 2:07:26 PM
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What strategies can be used to foster group communiction?
Weegy: Fostering effective team communication in your group: You can foster effective team communication in group by a mix of old-fashioned good manners, good attention and open-mindedness. [ Here are a few tips - Ask if everyone understands what the team goals are. Ask input and feedback from all members. Listen carefully to what the other person is saying. Don't interrupt until someone has finished talking. Give feedback on what they've said. Speak slowly and clearly. Make your points in a clear, logical manner. Include facts and details, and make sure they are all accurate. Don't ramble on. Be concise. Stick to the matter at hand. Make sure every member of the group gets the chance to speak. Be open minded. If you've come to the meeting with your mind already made up, there's little point in having a discussion. When responding to someone's question or statement, repeat it to make sure you have heard and understood correctly. If you are taking a certain stand, take full responsibility for it. Do not disparage anyone for their views and don't refute any point by taking personal shots at the speaker. Address the issue. Watch your body language. It is more effective than what you say. So if you are angry and look angry, that is going to convey itself to the other members in your small group. Don't make rash decisions or issue any statements when you are angry. Give yourself time to cool down. If there are any misunderstandings, clear them up in a calm manner. If you don't understand any point, speak up and ask questions. Get it clarified before you all move on. When considering the pros and cons of any issue, consider the exact pros and cons, not opinion of the majority. If you have an opinion, express it as such, with the reasons behind it, not as an iron-clad fact. Be polite at all times. ] (More)
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Asked 8/25/2011 2:14:29 PM
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