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Q: explain the importance of proper citation when writing a legal memo,pleading,or other document to the following different audiences the client the court the opposing counsel your supervising attorney
A: Determine which type of federal legal documents can be filed with the federal court. You can do this by reviewing Rule 7 of the FRCP. [ [ This rule will explain the types of legal documents that can be filed, and includes the complaint, answer to a complaint, third-party complaint, counterclaim and answer to a counterclaim, as well as several other types of pleadings. Read more: How to Write
Federal Legal Documents | Learn how to request an order. An order must be made by motion and the motion must be made in writing, unless the motion is requested during a hearing. Refer to Rule 7 for more guidance, if needed. Sponsored Links Ask a Lawyer Online Now 24 Lawyers Are Online. Questions Answered Every 9 Seconds. 3 Know what your pleading must contain. To do this, review FRCP Rule 8, General Rules of Pleading. It includes Claims for Relief, Defenses (Admissions and Denials) and Affirmative Defenses. Rule 8 also instructs you to make your pleadings concise, consistent and direct. 4 Know the format for your pleading. A pleading must contain a caption with the court's name, title of the pleading, a file number (usually the case number) and a Rule 7(a) designation. The Rule 7(a) designation will determine what type of pleading you are drafting, i.e. a complaint, answer to a complaint, counterclaim, cross-claim and other information. Name all of the parties in the title of the pleading. Review Rule 10 of the FRCP for more on the format of pleadings. 5 Draft the preamble to the pleading, then state your claims (or defenses, if you are answering a complaint) in numbered paragraphs. Each paragraph should have a single circumstance. If there is more than one count, each count should have its own section. 6 Label all exhibits to be included with the pleading. Exhibits are normally labeled as "Exhibit A," Exhibit B" and so on. Refer to the exhibits in your pleading after stating the exhibit, in this manner: "The Plaintiff filed a complaint on or about [date]. ] ]
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