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Q: How do macros improve efficiency by automating tasks? Provide at least three examples in addition to those given in the text
A: Macro Expert, as an automation tool for simulating operation, is a macro program. It can perform tasks automatically which you want to do without any help and interference. [ This software can not only simulate the operations of the mouse and the keyboard, but also provide quite a few functions to perform certain tasks. Today, the companies face the high human resource cost, and they can greatly
improve efficiency, and cut down labor costs by using Macro Expert. Namely, using of automation based software technology increases the efficiency of a company by improving the productivity of the people involved. How does this macro program automatically complete the task for you? For performing the certain operation tasks, Macro Expert is still based on the way of script (It names "macro" in it), namely the operation of the certain task is performed by combining with various instruction. The software provides two ways for creating the script (macro). One is the traditional ways by recording the movements of the mouse and the keystrokes of the keyboard. You need to click the new macro, and follow the guide to finish the installation, then start to record what you do. Macro Expert can automatically build a macro based on the steps operated by you after stopping the record. And you set a Hotkey of it, like Key A. When you replay the macro, the computer can do automatically what you do again by clicking Key A. The way of recording and replaying is just for simple tasks needs. But the recorded macro isn't flexible enough for all kinds of the tasks and it's nothing but an Echo chamber which is just able to repeat the recorded operation simply when replaying. This isn't enough for quite complex needs. - See more at: ]
selymi|Points 10716|
Asked 6/24/2013 2:08:58 PM
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