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identify with the individual the process for reviewing their leisure activities
Leisure is an essential part of our lives. [ When we're involved in satisfying leisure activities, we can gain a sense of freedom, control, creativity and achievement. Recreation and leisure activities are a critical dimension of the quality of life for all people, including those with developmental disabilities. There are a vehicle through which people have fun, meet new friends, and develop
skills and competencies. Yet, traditionally, recreation/leisure activities are given low priority as an area in which support and assistance are provided. Many people are still limited to segregated recreation and leisure choices. When other opportunities are offered, they often involve taking groupings of people with disabilities to large public settings (e.g., malls, theaters, restaurants), while very little support is offered for individualized participation in community settings that offer greater opportunities for social connections and relationships. While not all people with disabilities need support to participate in recreation and leisure activities, others, particularly those with more severe disabilities, may not have any access to integration recreation and leisure unless supports are available. In figuring out how best to assist a person to become involved in recreation and leisure activities, it is important to begin by getting to know the person. This involves spending time with the person, and possibly with others who know him or her well, in order to learn about the person's family; his or her background; experiences; racial, cultural, and/or ethnic identifications; customs; traditions; strengths; likes or dislikes; and so forth. ]
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