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Q: Discuss tourism as a factor facing obstacles to contributing towards economic development in south africa
A: Well in considering the economy of South Africa it is a third world country, that is to its benefit less struggling than other countries in it's region. However despite their higher standing they still face several obstacles regarding tourism. [ First off, you have to consider the sub-Saharan African region itself which has serious challenges economically, socially, and politically. As a
result South Africa has a massive refugee population from other countries (especially Zimbabwe which is just a mess under Robert Mugabe's regime). This type of immigration is an "intra third-world immigration" that strains the resources of South Africa as a country. Imagine the strain immigration makes on larger, more stable countries like the United States, and multiply this effect because South Africa has a hard enough time supporting itself. As a result there continues to be high levels of violence in South Africa that could challenge tourism and the economy as whole in South Africa. Secondly, the disparity of incomes across the world is sharpening over the last 5 years. While there are still some very wealthy individuals who are looking to travel, that number has decreased drastically. Many under-developed and developing nations that were once tourist meccas have felt a severe impact (South Africa, Mexico, and more). Once again, compare this impact to other developed nations, and there is no comparison. Just examine the experiences of Florida, California, and more within the United States and it is undeniable that the tourist industry has tanked and greatly influenced the economies of those states. Yet as bad as the situation has become in those regions (California's unemployment, budget, and more) they at least had the leeway to fall a little bit. In an under-developed country there is no leeway. What we consider to be poverty and economy strife in the United States is sad and shameful, but poverty in other parts of the world shatters even the very worst levels in the United States. Thirdly, there is a giant interaction amongst the current problems of the economy and the future problems of the economy. As aforementioned the economy begins to struggle and people lose their jobs and money. ]
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Asked 7/25/2012 4:52:41 AM
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