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show how observation of behaviour is an effective tool in interpreting the needs of an individual with dementia
Understanding why someone with Dementia is behaving in a certain way is key in providing good quality care. This is because all behaviour has meaning. [ A good knowledge of the individual’s past, routines and personality, as outlined in section four will help you to interpret different behaviours and recognise the reasons why behaviour may change. Looking for clues about what may trigger certain
types of behaviour will also help, and will allow you to address anything which is causing distress or provoking severe reactions. There could be many reasons why someone’s behaviour may change. A person may: • Be trying to express a basic need, such as wanting to use the toilet. • Feel lost or suspicious, or be frustrated about something which has happened to them. • Hit out or shout, as they may lack reasoning to control their feelings. • Be reacting to something that someone has done. • Have problems with their physical health which is intensifying the negative symptoms of dementia. The person is unlikely to complain of feeling unwell or being in pain, so you and your colleagues need to be proactive and vigilant. To be able to understand changes in behaviour and find the meaning behind it, you will need to listen and observe and be willing to try and find solutions with your team. Factors which can affect behaviour Alternative realities At times, someone with dementia may think they are in a different time and place. For example, they may want to go to work or visit their mother for lunch. As these “alternative realities” can cause anxiety, it is important to deal with them sensitively so the person feels as comfortable as possible. target=_blank rel='nofollow'>' target=_blank rel='nofollow'> ]
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