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Which factor do you think would have a larger impact on the fertility rate: the increased education of men or of women? Why?
It's the increased education of women which has the larger impact on the fertility rate.Education does have a major impact on fertility. [ Even after controlling for other relevant factors, the education of women stands out as a significant factor in determining fertility. It mostly operates through some intervening variables that determine the demand for children, supply of children and costs
of regulation. It was shown that the greatest impact of education on fertility occurs when levels of education are at secondary level. Small amounts of primary education are not likely to have a significant impact. However, the threshold level varies from one social setting to another. In highly gender-stratified societies, the threshold level is likely to be higher than in relatively egalitarian societies. Education has been found to increase women's levels of autonomy in decision-making, in acquiring knowledge, in gaining access to economic resources, and in interacting with a wider social circle. It is through this autonomy that education exerts an impact on fertility. ]
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The factor that would have a larger impact on the fertility rate is the increased education of women , because women getting an education will put off getting married and having children until she's finished with her education. Educated women learn about contraception and family planning, so they have less unwanted pregnancies. Even further still, education broadens their perspectives about what the world has to offer them besides being a wife and mother.** Which is why there are a number of cultures around the world consciously preventing their daughters from being educated. It isn't because they believe girls are incapable of learning. It's the reverse: they fear what the girls could accomplish if they were educated.
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