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Which of the following distinguished the New Jersey Plan from the Virginia Plan? (Points : 1) The New Jersey Plan divided power between the states and the national government. Slaves
should count as 3/5 of citizens in apportioning representatives in Congress. The national government should have unlimited authority. The Senate should supervise the House of Representatives.
The Virginia Plan was by the people whereas the New Jersey Plan was by the states. [ The legislature consisted of two houses: Senate and House of representatives. Both consisted of three branches of government and both are necessary to reach an agreement. The Virginia plan appealed to the delegates from Mass. Penn., New York and Virginia. The New Jersey plan appealed to the delegates from
Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland . The New Jersey plan was presented by William Paterson from New Jersey. and the Legislature only consisted of one house. The New Jersey Plan made small states equal the large states. Do you have any other questions for us today? ]
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The answer is "The New Jersey Plan divided power between the states and the national government"
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