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Q: 3. Describe three different ways of maintaining a safe and secure business environment.
A: Most people spend a significant part of their lives at work and they do not expect their health, safety and security to be compromised through work related illness, injuries or breaches of security. [ [ The measures we are concerned about are controlling and reducing risks to anyone who might be affected by work activities. As an employee you have the responsibility to maintain a safe working
environment not only for yourself but for other colleagues and visitors within your organisation. By following companies procedures, training and instructions you will be complying with the relevant legislation that will prevent you being prosecuted and more importantly prevent accidents/injuries. KEY WORDS Health ? A state of well being, with the absence of illness or disease Safety ? The absence of risks Workplace ? Any building or area where you work Accident ? An unplanned, uncontrolled event with the potential to cause injury or damage Health and Safety Executive (HSE) - A major enforcement authority Hazard - Something that has the potential to cause harm Risk ? The likelihood of harm for example a sprain, fracture or other injuries resulting from the hazard PPE - Personal protective clothing or equipment Health and Safety Policy ? A written outline of an organisations policy for health and safety Personal Hygiene - Personal Hygiene is an important part of your job role. Your appearance says a lot to your customers. You never get a second chance to make a first impression ? make it a good one. Pride in your appearance shows a pride in yourself. Good personal hygiene will maintain good customer satisfaction and promote a good company image. Poor standards of personal hygiene from catering & hospitality employees can lead to contamination which in turn can lead to poisoning, illness or even death. It displays a lack care and consideration for the customer, colleagues and the law. Clothing - Normal outdoor clothes can bring bacteria into premises in dust and dirt. ]
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