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The passenders that are served by this service
Weegy: GAUTRAIN IS FOR EVERYONE- all passengers. All station environments, as well as the trains and buses, [ are specifically designed to provide easy access for the mobility impaired and to accommodate sight- and hearing impaired passengers. WHEELCHAIR ACCESS AND MOBILITY-IMPAIRED PASSENGERS Wheelchair access is provided to all trains, buses, stations, toilets, lifts, fare gates, ticket offices and ticket vending machines. Non-slip surfaces, handrails and handholds aid people with difficulties in walking, gripping, reaching or balancing. HEARING- AND SIGHT-IMPAIRED PASSENGERS The blind and partially sighted are assisted by the following: The consistent use of colour contrasts, clear signage, good lighting and non-reflective surfaces Audible as well as visual service announcements Tactile and audible guidance and warning surfaces and systems, where appropriate The deaf or hard of hearing are assisted by the following: Visual as well as audible announcements Induction loops (earphone jacks) at ticket vending machines Clear signage Scroll upScroll down ] (More)
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Asked 2/17/2013 7:44:46 AM
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