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could you give three reasons why risk assessments designed to support choice and active participation need to be reviewed and updated regularly
1. to make sure that the information is up to date. 2. to assess the ongoing needs of the service user. 3. to ensure that all involved are aware of any changes that may have occured.
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Asked 4/28/2012 5:41:23 AM
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describe three signs or indicators of stress
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Updated 4/23/2012 3:19:47 AM
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4 indicators of stress.
1.1 - Anger: You may not be a candidate for going postal, but if you find yourself fighting anger or even having the occasional outburst, it's time to stop and think. Have you always fought this battle? Most of us have not, so this out of character reaction could be a signal.
2. 2 - Appetite Problems: People under stress have one of two reactions in the appetite department. Some of us will automatically overeat and eat comfort foods
3.3 - Insomnia: While all the other things on this list are something you have to figure out for yourself, insomnia is the one thing that most of my clients tell me about as a symptom of stress.
4. 4 - Isolation: For me, this is the scariest symptom. It can indicate that my client has gone from stressed to chronic depression, and may be well on the road to suicide. If you are turning away from friends and family, if you are avoiding things that used to bring you joy, you are in need of immediate help.

Added 4/23/2012 3:19:47 AM
describe two examples of circumstances or situations that cause you to feel stressed
Weegy: Work-related stress can cause psychological, emotional, physical and behavioural problems. Because everyone reacts to stress in different ways depending on their personality and how they respond to pressure, symptoms may vary. [ However, some common psychological symptoms include: feeling that you can't cope being unable to concentrate lacking confidence a loss of motivation and commitment disappointment with yourself 2.Feeling like there are too many pressures and demands on you? Losing sleep worrying about tests and schoolwork? Eating on the run because your schedule is just too busy? You're not alone. Everyone experiences stress at times — adults, teens, and even kids. But there are ways to minimize stress and manage the stress that's unavoidable. ] (More)
Expert Answered
Updated 10/25/2013 6:00:28 AM
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The two examples of circumstances or situations that cause you to feel stressed are ;
1. Daily Hassles ; The majority of causes of stress that we face on a day-to-day basis are not as extreme as life events. The day-to-day causes of stress are called daily hassles; they are those daily, minor irritations such as misplacing our car keys, traffic jams, minor arguments with family/colleagues, etc.
2. We tend to think that stress is solely caused by external events, situations and people, yet this is not strictly correct. Research has found that the Transactional Model of Stress is more accurate. This model says that stress is caused by a transaction, ie there is an interaction between the stressor, our view of the stressor and our perceived ability to cope with it. Its our own internal beliefs, attitudes, interpretations, perceptions and other factors, in combination with the external events that tend to create stress.
Added 10/25/2013 6:00:28 AM
explain the procedures to be followed in the event of an accident or sudden illness
Weegy: First aid is the immediate care given to a person who has been injured or suddenly taken ill. It includes self-help and home care if medical assistance is not available or is delayed. [ It also includes well-selected words of encouragement, evidence of willingness to help, and promotion of confidence by demonstration of competence. The person giving first aid, the first-alder, deals with the whole situation, the injured person, and the injury or illness. He knows what not to do as well as what to do; he avoids errors that are frequently made by untrained persons through well-meant but misguided efforts. He knows, too, that his first aid knowledge and skill can mean the difference between life and death, between temporary and permanent disability, and between rapid recovery and long hospitalization. for more details ] (More)
Expert Answered
Asked 4/23/2012 3:09:51 AM
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explain why it is important to assess health and safty risks
Weegy: The process of risk assessment requires a factual base to define the likelihood of adverse health effects of workplace-associated injuries and exposures, and it attempts to balance scientific knowledge with concerns of staff, investigators, [ administration, and the public at large. It involves a systematic approach to the identification and characterization of physical, chemical, and biologic hazards to individuals and populations in their environment. The consequences of such hazards can include severe illness or injury, an irreversible health consequence, an unfamiliar disease, and an undesirable situation that might have been avoided by use of an alternative approach or technology. Risk assessments typically require that attention be given first to the most important hazards, that is, the ones that can result in the worst health-related outcomes. ] (More)
Expert Answered
Asked 4/23/2012 3:12:11 AM
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if an accident or sudden illness happend at a care home would you do a risk assesment
Weegy: yes i will (More)
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Asked 4/24/2012 4:54:50 AM
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