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Q: Writing an essay involves three concepts outline, planning topic sentence, and identifying supporting points. How would you use them in writing a final essay?
A: Three challenges that might arise when writing a persuasive essay are making a plan, writing a draft, and revising your draft. While making a draft you should always consider how you can organize your ideas effectively for the readers. [ You can arrange your ideas and make an outline to organize your ideas effectively (Chapter 7). Doing so will allow the readers to be able to understand what
point you are trying to get across without any doubt or confusion. Writing a draft can help show the readers what you mean. In your draft it should include an introduction that is catchy and that will interest your readers, have a strong and solid conclusion, and it should also have a strong solid title (Chapter 8). During the revising process of your draft you should think of ways to make your draft clearer or more convincing to the readers. ]
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