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Do you find your self running our of money each month? Do you wish you find a little extra cash for yourself? Is there some habit that cost money that might able give up? How about that cup of
special coffee in the morning or in the afternoon? Now consider the story Tracy and Max. Tracy and Max liked their special blended coffee; however, they really wanted to save for an exciting vacation this year on their wedding anniversary. Tracy and Max decided they would try making their own coffee. It was pretty tedious, and at first they focused on the additional time and effort it took. But the they noticed they have more money left over at the end of the month. They decided to estimate how much they were saving each month. Tracy had coffee once a day, and the special blend she bought at Donn's Coffee Stop twice a day. Mac bought several types of special blends that cost $4.00 a cup on average. 1. If Tracy and Max estimated their coffee purchases using a 30-month, find the total amount they both spend on coffee in one month at Donna's Coffee Stop. 2. If Tracy and Max make their own speciality blend of coffee, the estimate that it cost about $1.00 for every cup of coffee. Determine how much they are saving by making their own coffee. 3. Tracy and Max determined that the vacation they would like to take for their anniversary would cost $2250. If they put the money saved by making their own coffee into a vacation account, would there be enough money in eight months to take their vacation? 4. Can you think of one extra expense you could eliminate so you could save money for a vacation? Calculate the savings.
Assuming that Max spent $4.00 per cup of coffee rather than $.40, they would be saving $9.50 per day, which would average out to $285.00 per month (for a 30 day month).
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Asked 11/29/2012 6:59:05 AM
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