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Q: Operative report Pre/postoperative Diagnosis: Postmenopausal bleeding wwith probable polyp seen on saline sonohysterogram. Operative Findings: Endometrial polyp seen arising from the left cornual
region. Otherwise, benign uterine cavity. Procedure: The patient was taken to the operating room and a general anesthetic was admininistered. The patient was then prepped and draped in the usual manner in lithotomy position and the bladder was emptied with a straight catheter. A weighted speculum was placed to allow for visualization of the cervix, which was grasped anteriorly uing single-toothed tenaculum. The uterus was then sounded to 9cm in depth. The cervix was dilated to allow for insertion of the diagnostic hysteroscope. The uterine cavity was then inspected. Immediately apparent was a polyp arising from the left cornual region. Remainder of uterine cavity was inspected and appeared to be benign. Minimal endometrial tissue was otherwise present. At this point, the hysteroscope was removed, and polyp forceps was placed within the uterus. Attempt was made to grasp the polyp, but this could not be grabbedwith the polyp forceps. Therefore, a sharp curet was used and the polyp was thereby obtained and removed. A small amount of endometrial tissue was also obtained by curettage. Once this had been completed, the hysteroscope was reinserted and the cavity was reinspected. It was confirmed that the polyp was removed. Otherwise, the endometrial canal then appeared normal. At this point, the procedure was terminated. Tenaculum was removed, and good hemostasis was ensured at the cervix. The patient tolerated this procedure well. There was no complications. Fluid in was 325 cc and was equal to fluid out at the end of the procedure. Estimated blood loss was minimal. What is the CPT Code and the ICD-9-CM Code for this inpatient hospital scenario?
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Asked 3/4/2013 1:39:08 PM
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