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Q: Why can't she just ignore me, after the way I treated her..? She's my ex, and she broke it off. We had become good friends, and comfortable with each other 2009 early, and then when we went out, she
was really happy, and she told her friends that she was finally glad I asked her out. I started to be negative/clingy, and after we broke it off, I was a big jerk. Ignoring her, playing hard to get besides the fact it wouldn't work, cause she has no feelings for me. I did some nice stuff for her, but I would then revert to ignoring her. She's very insecure/scared. I guess in her past relationships she's been hurt alot. We had an argument, she got drunk in school, and I walked her home. She told me no one cared about her, after I walked her home, I still ignored her. I didn't understand it, but I realized how much of a jerk I was, and I wanted her to realize my ignoring her would make her want to leave me alone. She got the point, until we continued to be friends. After we argued, we stopped talking for 3 months, then she messaged me. I don't understand why she would want to say she really missed me, and ask for my cell, after I treated her. We both admitted to each other, that we still kind of like each other, and want to be friends, maybe in the hopes it can be more, or we can be closer. I might've scared her again, but this time I am genuine. I know I destroyed her trust, and it's going to be a while before I fix it, but why does she want to still be friends, or still talk to me..?
A: Maybe there is more there than you really realize. Obviously if she is still paying attention to you after all you have done, she really does care about you. She sees something in you that she wants to be a part of. Take it as a compliment.
AndreaM|Points 151|
Asked 1/7/2010 8:46:05 AM
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