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Q: How can sport either support or impede nation building?
A: Business viewpoint: employers should have freedom to run businesses as they see fit, [ [ [ without undue interference from workers; labor is a commodity to be bought and sold at market price; this is the core of free enterprise Union viewpoint: labor is not a mere commodity, but a special part of the human experience; workers deserve a say in the conditions of their labor; the right of workers
to organize in their own self-interest is a basic human right During the 1950s, the American economics professor Clark Kerr observed that "organized labor and management are primarily engaged in sharing between themselves what is, at any one moment of time, a largely given amount of income and power."3 Kerr's words point to the crux of labor history: This is a power game. Who will rule in the workplace? On that single question rests all the others: Who's going to get the biggest slice of the economic pie? Who will give the orders? What will conditions in the factory or on the job site be like? How many hours will workers put in, and how much will they be paid? Who will make decisions about the pace of production? Who will have health insurance and other benefits, and who will not? Some employers have taken the position that managers, as representatives of business owners, should have all the power. They should be able to hire and fire workers at will, for any reason or no reason. They should pay only the wages dictated by supply and demand. They should set the hours, pace and conditions of work for maximum productivity. If workers don't like the terms of their employment, they're free to quit and seek another job elsewhere. The freedom of employers to freely negotiate the terms of employment with individual workers is, in this pro-business worldview, the heart of the free enterprise system. Infringe upon that and you'll rip the heart out of the economy, ultimately harming everyone by slowing down economic growth. Unions have always had a very different conception of the workplace, one rooted in the belief that labor is not a mere commodity. ]
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Asked 2/27/2013 12:10:33 PM
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