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Africa has never fully recovered from European imperialism; it still feels the effects of colonization today. True False
Weegy: This is True. User: List three events that occurred during the first phase (1933–1939) of the Holocaust? User: You are going to Africa to live among a tribal group and study their culture. Which historian would be most helpful to take along? Anthropologist Archaeologist Geologist Etymologist Linguist Weegy: I would take along an Anthropologist. User: During the Roman Republic period, the Tribal Assembly was formed to give the _____ limited say in the government. peasants plebeians patricians patrons Weegy: Roman society was composed of two groups - Patricians and Plebians. [ [ The patricians were the descendants of the most ancient and powerful families (nobles), they were landowners, lived in large houses, like the one pictured left, and they had political power in the senate. The plebians were mainly artisans or peasants who worked the patricians' land; they lived in apartments and they had no political rights. ] ] User: A historian should ask as many questions as possible when analyzing sources and conducting research. Why is this important? so the historian can try to avoid bias in his/her work so the historian can alter his/her perspective so the historian can compare and contrast sources so the historian connect the past to the present Weegy: So the historian can compare and contrast sources. User: This economist of the Industrial Age believed that a government should not interfere with businesses. His ideas became the basis for Capitalism. Wollstonecraft Engels Marx Smith Weegy: His Ideas. Marx's world importance does not lie in his ... Engels. At this time Marx became a socialist. He devoured the works of Adam Smith ... [ of industrial capitalism. Marx ... ] (More)
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Updated 2/14/2015 5:03:26 PM
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The age in which early humans made tools is called the
Updated 2/18/2013 6:55:52 AM
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The age in which early humans made tools is called the Paleolithic Age.
Added 2/18/2013 6:55:52 AM
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"While running around the track, a turtle was seen," is an example of Jargon Idiom grammatical error or Careless construction____
Not Answered
Updated 2/14/2015 5:13:50 PM
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"While running around the track, a turtle was seen," is an example of IDIOM.
Added 8/23/2012 7:08:43 AM
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Flagged by Janet17 [2/14/2015 5:12:17 PM]
"While running around the track, a turtle was seen," is an example of careless construction.
Added 2/14/2015 5:13:50 PM
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