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Identify and explain support and changes needed to improve own skills and knowledge and build on their own practice.
For you or your team to begin to make real improvements for your patients, you will need a reason for doing it, a clear shared vision about what you want it to look like, some tools, [ techniques and time to make the changes as well as having capacity for change and knowing where to start. Understand and value all aspects of improvement Even if you’re not a ‘theory’ person, you will find it
will guide you in your practice and that the principles can be applied across many different situations. Experience and understanding has been gained in the following areas: • involving people: patients, carers, staff and stakeholders • process mapping, analysis and redesign • use of the model for improvement and PDSA (plan, do, study, act) cycles • managing capacity and demand • measuring for improvement including SPC (statistical process control) • managing the human dimensions of change • planning and managing the project • facilitation and presentation skills • working in complex systems • accessing information, knowledge, research and ideas • use of technology • evaluating the impact and managing the benefits • creative thinking techniques ]
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Asked 6/19/2013 3:42:17 PM
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