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describe what action should be taken if the individuals wishes conflict with their plan of care in relation to health and safety and their risk assesment
Sometimes workplace polices and procedures in relation to moving and handling may conflict with someones wishes. [ For example, some workplaces have adopted no-lifting policies which mean that hoists are used for all people but what if a person does not want to be hoisted If dealt with incorrectly, this could leave people feeling unvalued, humiliated, distressed and degraded. You could also
find yourself in trouble, because the persons basic human rights may have been violated. To prevent conflicts from developing between people and workplace policies relating to moving and positioning, it is best to involve people in their own risk assessments and mobility support plans in the first place, if appropriate. Risk assessments should focus on the needs of the person, not just the needs of the service provider. Where possible, people should be placed at the centre of the planning process and given choice over their moving and positioning requirements, as they will have the best knowledge of their own mobility. The wishes of the person need to be balanced with the need to ensure that care staff are not put at risk through moving and positioning activities. Balancing the wishes of somebody with the rights of care workers will help promote a persons independence, autonomy and dignity. However, sometimes, a persons condition can change and their mobility can improve as well as deteriorate. This may lead to them changing their mind on how they wish to be moved or positioned. If their wishes conflict with their plan of support, it is important that you document this in the persons support plan and inform your manager. If the person wants to do more for themselves, you should encourage this, but be aware of their limitations are they trying to do too much too soon If the person refuses to be moved or turned, you should encourage them to move as much as possible by themselves. ]
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Asked 11/2/2012 10:46:15 AM
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