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Q: Almost everyone agrees that the first English novel was Gulliver's Travels. True False Question #10TrueFalse Score: Works cited format is detailed, and you are not expected to memorize it.
TrueFalse Question #11MultipleChoice Score: The last item on a works cited entry is generally the _____. page numbermedium of publicationdatepublication company Question #12MultipleSelect Score: Select all that apply. According to the text, which of the following were reasons the novel was not initially accepted by literate society? Novels were often for and about women.Novels targeted working class readers.Early novels were immoral.Early novels had remote locations that readers could not visualize.Early novels were overly sentimental and moralizing. Question #13MultipleChoice Score: Which of the following is pop criticism primarily concerned with? literary analysis of a productopinion without evidence for a productadvising the purchasing a product Question #14MultipleChoice Score: "Artistic unity" falls under _____. aestheticssubject matterrealism Question #15MultipleChoice Score: Plot is closely related to _____. aestheticssubject matterrealism Question #16MultipleChoice Score: A long narrative poem about supernatural events is _____. a romancean epica satire Question #17Paragraph Score: Your paper includes a works cited list. Why is this fact alone not enough to avoid the accusation of plagiarism? Answer in complete sentences. Rich Text EditorEditor toolbars Press ALT 0 for help Upload Answer File Max File Size : 10MB Accepted File Type : csv,doc,pdf,xls,xlsx,docx,jpeg,jpg,ppt,pptx,txt,rtf,mdb,accdb,pub,odf,odt,ods,odp File Actions No File UploadDelete Uploaded files will not be scored by WRITER. Question #18TextMultipleChoice Score: The documentation format taught in the text is APAOWLChicagoMLA. Question #19MultipleChoice Score: What category would the following comment fit best in? "The author successfully translates her experience in Darfur into terrifyingly realistic scenes." authenticityuniversalityaesthetics Question #20TextMultipleChoice Score: Parenthetical citations for Internet sources generally do notdoinclude page numbers.
A: Please ask one question at a time. Thanks.
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Asked 3/11/2013 9:04:13 AM
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