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Q: what are some past,present , future application for cloning
A: Past and present Cloning Applications DNA Subcloning There are a number of different techniques that can be used to subclone DNA, [ all of which are supported by Life Technologies products. DNA Libraries Innovative products for the construction of full-length cDNA libraries & premade libraries Cloning for Sequencing Applications Cloning for Sequencing Applications The TOPO? cloning kits
for sequencing allow fast cloning and streamlined sequencing of PCR products. Cloning & Protein Expression There are many options available for protein expression from cloned DNA Future applications of cloning Medical Purposes Research for biotransplantation Organs of animals can be transplanted to humans temporarily in case of the shortage of human organs. Cloning allows sufficient research on biotransplantation. Therapeutic cloning of stem cells from human embryos Stem cells are building blocks for all human tissue. The most versatile cells are derived from embryos, usually obtained after they are discarded. In this process, scientists create embryos that are identical to people to obtain cells that van be used as exact tissue matches for them to work for cures to various cancers, hepatitis and other diseases. Clone for laboratory We could clone a series of laboratory mouse which are genetically identical. In doing this, we could use the mouse to test gene-therapy or medicines to see the effects of them on living beings, and can be sure that the effect that has taken place is due to the therapy, and not genetic differences of the mouse ]
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