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Why is integrity important in writing?
Academic integrity is important because: The university has a responsibility to ensure that students graduate from their programs with the skills that they require to participate successfully in the community or workforce. [ An inaccurate representation of your disciplinary knowledge, academic skills, and professional competence could be potentially harmful to others’ well-being and could
compromise the university’s reputation, as well as your own. Students expect to have a high quality learning experience. They need to feel that their hard work is being recognized and fairly evaluated, and that other students do not have an unfair advantage through cheating on exams, essays, or projects. One key goal of UVic’s Strategic Plan (p. 6) is to promote civic engagement and global citizenship amongst its students, and upholding the values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility – core values of academic integrity – are essential to helping students learn how to make a difference in the civic life of our communities and to develop awareness of the rights and responsibilities of world citizens. ]
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Asked 11/21/2013 9:46:51 PM
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does competition affects motivation
Weegy: Motivation is a hot topic with as many opinions and theories as there are articles on the subject. One big issue that divides many authors is the effect competition has on motivation. [ Some swear it boosts performance, while others warn of its damaging consequences. The real answer is somewhere in the middle. What careful reading of the research tells us is that you need to know yourself first before deciding if competition is something that will motivate you positively. People with a high need of achievement respond well to competition. They already possess a lot of intrinsic motivation to work towards achievements, and they approach situations with an expectation that they will do well. Approaching competition with a positive expectation seems to be strongly linked with higher performance, but the other side effect is that people with a high need for achievement also view their losses less negatively. For someone without this drive the will look at their losses in a bad light, seeing only the fact that that other people did better and not looking at what they were able achieve. High achievers will be more favorable towards themselves. ] (More)
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Asked 11/19/2013 10:43:08 PM
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What is the importance of writing, both academically and professionally? User: What is the importance of writing academically
Weegy: Academic writing is unlike any other form of writing, such as, journalism or creative writing, and is an essential requirement that university students develop the proper tone, technique and style for their university assignments. [ Developing good academic writing skills has many advantages beyond obtaining higher grades. It teaches the student how to think critically and objectively while clearly conveying complex ideas in a well-structured, concise format. For this reason, academic writing is mainly presented in the third person with a formal style that reflects a logical pattern of reasoning for the main argument or 'thesis' of the text. Students should use language that is easily understood and conveys the exact meaning of their ideas and thoughts that is supported by empirical evidence from reliable academic sources. Once a university student has improved their academic writing skills, they will eventually learn to think naturally in a logical and objective manner. Their communication skills will improve remarkably and this will benefit them after graduation in their field of expertise or chosen profession. ] (More)
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Asked 11/21/2013 9:40:37 PM
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