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Q: Gawain is said to be Arthur s most noble and faithful knight. Would you agree or disagree with that statement? Why? Please explain your answer in detail.
A: It depends on which of the many medieval tales you are looking at. In most of the original medieval poems, where Gawain is not the hero, he is only equaled or surpassed by the hero of the tale. [ But often these heroes get married and then partly retire from knighthood at the end of the story and are never mentioned again in another tale, leaving it again to Gawain to take on the role of ?best
knight?. He starts to go bad in the ?Quest of the Holy Grail?, the author of which had a poor opinion of most knights as good Christians and used Gawain, as a suitable example. Gawain slays, by accident his kinsmen Yvain the Adulterate and King Bademagu. In the sequel, the ?Death of Arthur?, it is explained that Gawain slew, by ill-chance, 18 knights of Arthur?s court during the quest. In many of the late prose romances, while Gawain, within the tales still has a reputation for courtesy and magnificent behavior, he is a fraud, actually a persistent bully and rapist and murderer of good knights, which he covers up well. In the ?Prose Tristan? and the ?Post-Vulgate Arthurian Cycle?, it is Gawain who treacherously slew King Pellinor and later slew two of King Pellinor?s sons, Driant and Lamorat. In the ?Post-Vulgate Quest of the Holy Grail?, Gawain slays Patrides nephew of King Bademagu, Erec son of Lac, Palamedes, and other less prominent Knights of the Round Table. Erec and Palamedes are slain by Gawain purposely, Gawain well aware of whom they are. In short, if you are talking about ?Sir Gawain and the Green Knight? and similar tales, then your statement is true. If you are talking about the ?Prose Tristan?, the ?Post-Vulgate Arthurian Cycle?, the ?Prophesies of Merlin?, and ?Gurun the Courteous?, Gawain is a deceptive fraud. This second version of Gawain appears in most of Sir Thomas Malory?s ?Le Morte d?Arthur?. ]
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Asked 12/8/2012 1:11:37 PM
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