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3.4 demonstrate strategies that can be used to clarify misunderstandings
If your question is asking about the relations of the staff to other members of the staff...the best thing you could do would be to suggest that polite behavior explained in any updated etiquette book provide effective ways to eliminate a lot of the [ causes of misunderstandings between staff....along with clearly written policy manuals....and management strongly enforcing the same rules for
everyone in the work site. If your question is asking about the relations of the staff and the occupants of the senior facitility...then it is helpful for the staff to be reminded that they are paid employees of the residents who expect them to act like paid employees instead of like they are doing the residents some kind of favor just by doing their jobs effectively. The condescending attitude of many employees at senior facilities is so rude and a clear indication that the employees have never understood nor accepted the fact that their attitude needs to be that of a well-paid employee of all the seniors in the facility. PS. Under the guidelines, you are permitted to ask for homework help in any section of YA....and it is entirely allowed and appropriate for you to ask a question about senior citizen matters in the seniors section. Many in this section have not read the guidelines regarding this...nor have they read the guidelines as to what is a violation answer in response to a homework question. ]
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Asked 10/4/2013 8:59:30 AM
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