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Q: what characteristics do you think are associated with organized criminal behavior
A: Organized crime groups typically bribe police and public officials to ensure that their activities can continue without interruption. [ The underlying goal is to ensure that everyone involved is 'taken care of' so that the group can operate without objection. By helping other individuals, the group helps themselves. Another example of this approach to incentive coercion is the labor union. The
union workers receive special treatment that they might not acquire individually like better wages, benefits and security through contract negotiation. In return the 'organizers' get control of entire labor forces and the strong bargaining chip that comes with being able to initiate a work stoppage. The flip-side of this positive incentive is the more negative violent coercion tactics frequently glorified in gangster movies. Most organized crime groups use violence and the threat of violence to ensure cooperation from necessary parties and silence from would be detractors. These behavioral traits have given organized crime groups great power and wealth in the United States. By controlling groups of people, you can control voting behavior, work forces and political influence all for futher gain for the group. In the capitalistic democratic society of the U.S., controlling wealth and votes allows organized crime groups to operate under the guise of free political assembly when in fact they are manipulating the system from the roots up. In the past century, law officials have become increasingly aware of the tactics of organized crime groups, allowing them to crack down on such behavior. However, with the success of the corporate business model, illegal and unethical organized 'business' has merely shifted from violent street crime, to highly effective board room crime as companies like Enron wreak havoc on the economy with back room deals and clever accounting practices. ]
Narkotiq|Points 337|
Asked 12/28/2012 4:15:11 PM
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