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Q: The Treaty of Versailles was violated by Hitler's military build-up. True or False
A: The answer is True.
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User: The Treaty of Versailles was violated by Hitler's military build-up. True or False

Weegy: The answer is True.
isa98|Points 40|

User: Mussolini's National Socialist Party's youth movement instilled loyalty in Germany's youth. True or False

Weegy: It was supposed to instill loyalty in Germany's youth but the outcome was not as good.
elgiant|Points 481|

User: Eisenhower and his men drove the Italians from North Africa. True or False

Weegy: True.
nothinganon|Points 604|

User: The Allied powers were made up of Italy, Germany, and Japan. True or False

User: Japan seized Pacific islands to boost its economy and trade.

Weegy: true
jher000|Points 6807|

User: Bad weather hindered the Allied attack on Normandy.

Weegy: True. In a way it was beneficial to the Allies. The cross channel conditions were such that the invasion, although expected somewhere, was unlikely to happen in a less than calm sea. [ But the tidal situation was vital, the landing craft would be hampered by underwater obstacles unless landing at a very low tide: Eisenhower took the chance. The surprise element was crucial to success. Don't forget to rate my response if it helped. Thanks. ]
jher000|Points 6807|

User: The war in Europe came to an end on May 8, 1945.

User: Britain, Australia, and France aided the United States in the war against Japan.

Weegy: True
bettyboop|Points 3366|

User: Germany, Italy, and Japan based their economies upon .

User: How did World War II affect the American economy?

Weegy: An Overview of the War's Impact on American Society : The wartime economy brought about full employment and, in doing so, achieved what New Deal programs had been unable to do. In 1940, there were 8 million Americans unemployed. [ By 1941, however, unemployment was almost unheard of. There were actually labor shortages in some industries. As a result, more and more women entered the workforce. Women took up jobs in industry that had once been reserved for men, and "Rosie the Riveter" became a popular American icon. By 1945, women made up 36% of the nation's total workforce. ................ ]
Expert answered|sujaysen|Points 1351|

Asked 1/27/2012 12:48:20 PM
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