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Q: What are the factors which influence the quality of the health record? What impact can the health record administrator have in improving the quality?
A: Factors which influence the quality of the health record: 1. Spatial Factors These factors related to how the physical presence and location of the EHR influenced the interaction between physician and patient. [ The position of the computer monitor in the examination was clearly the most obvious. 2. Relational Factors Relational factors involved how physicians and patients perceived and used
the EHR, given the dynamic interplay that occurs between them in the medical encounters. The benefits of charting using the EHR were highly context dependent. 3. Educational Factors Educational factors dealt with developing physicians’ proficiency in using EHRs and improving patients’ understandings about how the EHR is used in medical encounters. The simple ability to type was noted overwhelmingly as crucial to using the EHR effectively with patients. The electronic health record (EHR) has the potential to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of patient care when fully implemented (1). Use of the EHR can improve communication among health care providers and increase team effort among providers. Its use can assist with medication safety, tracking, and reporting and eliminate concerns about the legibility of paper medical records. Most importantly, its use has been shown to have an effect on quality of care through optimized compliance with guidelines (2). The use of preassembled ordering and documenting tools within an EHR may simplify the documentation process, although care must be taken when using templates to avoid importing previous notes without updating data, assessment, and plans. When using templates, the record must be reviewed and edited to ensure that it accurately documents the patient encounter. ]
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Asked 8/29/2013 3:57:58 PM
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