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Q: how the presence or absence of the natural beauty in your environment affect your psychological well being on an everyday basis between landscape and psychological well being?
A: The effects of urban sprawl, or the outward expansion of a metropolitan or a micropolitan area's contiguous urban development, are visible in large and small cities, and in small towns for that matter, across the U.S. [ and the world. At the negative consequences or results of sprawl. Growth and sprawl are different, as we hope you'll come to appreciate. And don't be offended if we call it a
suburban issue and you are in a small town. We're just using the terms most commonly found in the research world. To refresh you on the core definition we like, sprawl occurs when growth in land used for urban purposes exceeds growth in population. So a metro area can grow considerably through infill of the spaces between developed sites, without sprawling a bit. Even if there is no population growth to speak of. it began, in the value of a walk in the woods to our sense of self. It can take no position on the larger debates about whether ultimately we are subservient to the omnipotence and sacred qualities of nature, or whether we are its stewards. It is clear however that we are in a symbiotic relationship with the environment we live in- that in altering nature and open space, we alter the patterns of our lives. It is also clear that we carry within us the images of the places we value. The test may be whether we can or should create those images for private or public good. With each private garden that we nurture, we remove another piece of land from the "Commonweal." We must ask whether our very love of the view from the kitchen window is a threat to it, as we continue to develop housing in rural and suburban areas, and even as we privatize open spaces in urban areas. It will ultimately be more difficult to determine that we want to hold the land in common- for the benefit of the community and the society. It will be more difficult to accept the idea that our society will be measured not in the functional aspects of its use, but in its concern for the symbolic. The Kaplans (1989) wrote, "Viewed as an amenity, nature may be readily replaced by some greater technological achievement. ]
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Asked 8/15/2012 6:52:49 PM
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