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Q: SHC 34 3.1 Describe how to respond to complaints in childcare
A: It is important that your setting has a complaints policy in place and that everyone working in the setting is familiar with the procedures to follow. [ [ The following is an outline of an incremental approach to dealing with complaints. Prevention is better than cure Acknowledge this at the beginning of your policy with a statement briefly covering the measures you take to ensure that your
setting is a safe place for children to grow and learn. Dealing with a complaint It is good practice to have a step-by-step list of procedures for those who work in your setting to follow. If a parent arrives in the setting with a complaint the practitioner should establish if this is something they can deal with personally. If it is, they can deal with it there and then or make an appointment to see the parent if they are currently otherwise occupied. If it is a matter that needs to be dealt with by a more senior member of staff then the parent can be referred in that direction. A higher level of involvement While the majority of minor concerns or complaints can be dealt with effectively by the practitioners themselves there will be occasions when a matter needs to be referred to the setting manager; examples would include a parent?s dissatisfaction with a particular policy, a significant health and safety issue or a complaint against a member of staff. source and more information: ] ]
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