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Can viruses reproduce? User: Do viruses contain genetic material?
Weegy: people debate whether or not viruses are alive, there is no definitive answer the the question. personally i don't think they are, but i'm not in anyway 100% certain, i see the other side of the argument as well. [ it comes down to a matter of definition. viruses inject their genetic material into a living cell, at which point the virus is really just bits of dna floating around in a cell, but that dna is able to write itself into the dna of the cell and make the cell start to produce more viruses... basically the cell machinery produces virus capsules in which little packages of virus dna is held. the new viruses burst out of the cell, killing it, and move onto new cells where they start all over again. viruses cannot reproduce without using another cell, then again nor can some bacteria. viruses completely hijack the cell, and use its machinery, not their own, to reproduce, crystals 'reproduce' all on their own. you could think of viruses as capsules holding dna, all the capsules can do is get the dna into another cell. the virus is really just a means of getting the information to make more viruses into a cell. it's information, does that make it life? ] (More)
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Asked 11/7/2012 8:14:06 AM
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