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Read the passage.I have no scruple in saying that you cannot be in Love. … —but tho’ I did not think you then so much in love as you thought yourself, I did consider you as being attached in a
degree—quite sufficiently for happiness, as I had no doubt it would increase with opportunity.What is the main idea of this passage from “On Making an Agreeable Marriage” by Jane Austen? a)Austen knew Fanny did not love Mr. J. P. at all, but she thought Fanny could love him if she gave him a chance. b)Austen always knew Fanny would change her mind and fall out of love with Mr. J. P. c)Austen knew that Fanny was not as in love as Fanny acted, but she thought Fanny liked Mr. J. P. enough to be happy. d)Austen believed Fanny was mistaken about changing her mind, that she actually did love Mr. J. P
B. Austen always knew Fanny would change her mind and fall out of love with Mr. J. P.
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With all do respect the answer above is completely wrong its "A" IRONY i know this cause i just took the test just saying...
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