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Q: What have been the political, social, and cultural issues and concerns with Native Americans throughout American history?
A: It is sad to observe that the political, economic, [ and social conditions that Native Americans in the United States and Blacks in South Africa find themselves in today are for the most part creations of the groups of Europeans who invaded and occupied their lands from the 1500s onwards. In this section, some of the political conditions of both groups are explored, and compared. It has been
noted that before the arrival of Europeans in the Americas, Native Americans had developed a democratic political system which was much more advanced than the monarchical system the Europeans came from. Native Americans? political conditions changed dramatically as a result of the policies of the Europeans who invaded them. For Native Americans, their current political conditions began when the first European who came into contact with them, Columbus, prophetically remarked in his diary that ?...These people are very unskilled in arms....With fifty men they could all be subjected to do all that one wishes? (Schaefer, 2004, p. 171). It was this prophetic statement that undergirded subsequent European relationships with Native Americans and their policies regarding them. From the very first contact, the Europeans set out to ?subject [Native Americans] to do all that one wishes? or annihilate them. Thus, all of the Europeans? thoughts, actions, activities, treaties, and legislation were driven by the preceding purpose. Borrowing from Banks (2003), some of these strategies are chronicled here. In 1565, the first settlement organized by Europeans in present-day United States, the St. Augustine colony, was established by the Spaniards. This marked the beginning of the political end of Native Americans. Before contact with Europeans, Native Americans had developed a complex democratic political system. ]
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