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Q: describe the life style disease or behaviour of practice of high risk sexual behaviour amongst adolescents
A: Adolescents, like adults, may be prone to engaging in risky sexual behavior due to perceptions of personal invulnerability and their tendency to focus on the immediate, rather than long-term, consequences of their behavior. [ Mentally ill adolescents may be particularly at risk and warrant special consideration. Specific clinical recommendations for assessing and managing risky sexual behavior
are discussed. These include maintaining an empathic stance toward the adolescent, supporting the autonomy of the adolescent, identifying and owning one's own values, familiarizing oneself with available resources, and referring to mental health practitioners when appropriate. Adolescents routinely engage in behaviors that put their health at risk. Risky sexual behaviors are of particular concern to advanced practice nurses (APNs) and other primary care clinicians in that they can lead to serious consequences both for the adolescent involved and for any number of unseen partners. Clinicians are faced with 3 challenges: (1) how to understand this behavior, (2) how to identify risky sexual behavior in the adolescent patient, and (3) what to do about it. This article will review some ways of conceptualizing adolescent risk behavior and some tips for assessment and change. ]
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Asked 3/28/2013 8:40:47 AM
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