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Compare and contrast the Senate s procedure with the House s procedure for bringing legislation to the floor.
For most laws, a bill can begin in either the Senate or House of Representatives. When passed by one, it then goes to the other. [ It only goes to the President if the same exact language is passed by both houses. There are four types of actions which do not operate like normal legislation. First, revenue bills must begin in the House. Second, removal of executive and judicial officials begins
with a bill of impeachment passed by the House. A trial is conducted on the bill of impeachment by the Senate. Third, treaties are only considered in the Senate. Fourth, executive and judicial appointments are only considered in the Senate. In addition, there are some differences in the rules of procedure of the two houses. For example, the Senate allows unlimited debate on all matters. Debate can only be ended by consent or by a "cloture" motion. A cloture motion can only pass if 60 Senators vote in favor of it. The House on the other hand allocates a specific amount of time to debate on any agenda item. Finally, the House is over four times larger than the Senate (435 members to 100). As a result, committees in the House are a little bit larger than in the Senate and more of the work is done at the subcommittee level. ]
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