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A slave revolt resulted in ___________ gaining independence from France. a. Brazil b. Haiti c. Bolivia d. Venezuela
Weegy: A slave revolt resulted in A. Brazil gaining independence from France. [SMILE] (More)
Expert Answered
Asked 9/15/2013 7:56:02 PM
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__________ made mass production relatively easy in many industries. A. The spinning jenny B. The power generator C. Vulcanized rubber D. Interchangeable parts
Weegy: B. The power generator (More)
Updated 308 days ago|4/19/2016 3:20:56 AM
1 Answer/Comment
The spinning jenny made mass production relatively easy in many industries.
Added 308 days ago|4/19/2016 3:20:54 AM
This answer has been confirmed as correct, not copied, and helpful.
Which of the following was not a reason that women and children were preferred in the factories? a. They were difficult to replace. c. They complained less. b. They were paid less. d. They worked longer hours.
Weegy: The particular reason that it seems necessary to deal with child labor federally rather than through legislation by States is the existence of economic rivalries among the latter. [ Probably the people of New England would be glad to stop grinding up children's lives in their factories if it were not for losing their textile business to the South. Likewise the South would not willingly countenance child labor except for the hope of profit in the establishment of new industry. The number of children under sixteen years of age in the textile industry of the United States decreased 59 per cent between 1920 and 1930, but in the same period the number of children in the textile mills of South Carolina and Georgia increased 24 and 12 per cent, respectively. For more details refer to: ] (More)
Expert Answered
Asked 9/17/2013 10:18:09 PM
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Which of the following countries served as a buffer zone between France and Britain? a. Siam c. Philippines b. Samoa d. Hawaii
Weegy: Siam served as a buffer zone between France and Britain. (More)
Updated 178 days ago|8/27/2016 1:42:11 PM
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