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cpt for Auditory assessment for complaint of tinnitus. This testing included pitch, loudness, and masking.
Weegy: The CPT coding system describes how to report procedures or services performed such as a hearing screening test. The CPT system is maintained and copyrighted by the American Medical Association. Each CPT code has five digits. [ Use CPT code 92625: assessment of tinnitus (includes pitch, loudness matching, and masking). Pitch (frequency) matching is intended to match the stimulus closest in pitch to the patient's tinnitus. Loudness matching testing is performed to obtain loudness matches between the audiometric stimulus and the patient's tinnitus. The masking procedure involves determination of the minimum masking level (MML) and testing for tinnitus suppression (residual inhibition). If only one ear is tested using the tinnitus assessment procedure, the modifier -52 (reduced service) should be applied. This modifier would also be used if only part of the tinnitus assessment battery is performed. A tinnitus masker could be coded using Level II Health Care Procedure Coding System National Codes (HCPCS), which are required for reporting most medical services and supplies provided to Medicare and Medicaid patients and by most private payers. There is not a code for a tinnitus masker, but V5299 is for hearing service, miscellaneous. HCPCS instructions note that this code should be used only if a more specific code is unavailable. Hearing services fall under V5000–V5999. ] (More)
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