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3. Evaluate different ways of positively reinforcing and individuals participation in a range of new activities
Using positive reinforcement is an easy way to nix behavior problems. You can use positive reinforcers can help you encourage your child to do everyday tasks you need her to perform. [ Picking up after herself, brushing her teeth, and even getting to bed on time are just a few of the things that can be improved using positive reinforcement. Any type of reward or incentive you give your child
that results in increasing the behavior you want your child to perform is a positive reinforcer. Positive Reinforcers - Activities Can Be Internally Rewarding: Positive reinforcers are rewards that entice your child to do a task more frequently or on time. Examples: Choice of activities; Time or lunch with someone special; Increased recess time; Compliments and recognition; Public praise, positive notes to parents and teachers; Pats on the back, smiles, hand-shakes, and high-fives; Being the teacher's helper or choice of classroom chores; Reading, making crafts, playing sports, or other preferred activity with someone special; Extra credit or bonus points on school work; Posting work in a place of honor; and A homework-free night. ]
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