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Q: how would you prepare yourself to become a global teacher
A: One of the most important tasks for educators in the world today is to help students learn about the rich variety of people in our multicultural world and the important world problems that face our planet. [ English language teachers have a special role to play in this important task. In this article, I'd like to outline ten steps that classroom instructors can take to become global teachers and
to add an international dimension to their language classrooms. Step 1: Rethink the Role of English The first step in becoming a global teacher is to rethink your definition of English. Definitions are important because they limit what we do. How do you define life, for example? As a party? A pilgrimage? A to-do list? A vale of tears? Each of these definitions will lead you off in a different direction. In the same way, how you define English determines what you do in your classroom. What is "English" then? Traditionally, English has been defined as: a linguistic system of pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar a school subject and a topic on university entrance exams a language of "daily conversation" about family, sports and hobbies the mother tongue of English-speaking countries such as the USA and Britain These four traditional views have long formed the basis of much English teaching worldwide. A global education view of English, however, involves two further dimensions. It sees the English classroom as a place for teaching: English as an international language for communication with people from around the world English as a subject for learning about the world's peoples, countries and problems ]
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Asked 9/18/2013 3:30:59 AM
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