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Q: Explain how mental ill health may have an impact on those in the individuals familial, social or work network including ,pschological & emotional ,practical and financial ,the impact of using
services ,social exclusion ,positive impacts
A: To be suffering from a psychiatric condition is by many described as a painful and sometimes traumatic experience. [ When someone close to you goes through this you will not only be affected because s/he is in pain, your life will be affected in a number of other ways. It can affect your financial situation, how and where you live and work. The emotional effects can be a constant worry which in
turn can cause psychological problems for you as well. According to a Swedish study, half of the family members have had to give up their own recreational pursuits. A fifth had to, at one or more occasions, leave their job. An even larger number stated they have felt isolated and restrained from seeing other people. Half of the people in this study claimed they developed psychological or social problems of their own to the extent that they needed help and support. Symptoms described by family members were sleeping problems, stomach pain or depression. It is not unusual that family members are carrying around feelings of guilt and shame because they think they are to blame for the development of the psychiatric illness or for not knowing how to handle this kind of family crisis. A consequence of feeling guilty and ashamed is that it might feel difficult talking to others about what you are going through. A lot of the times it helps to talk to other people that have similar experiences as you have. Many relatives of the mentally ill join a support group. Make inquiries about what options are available to you in your local community. You can ask at the mental health clinic or check with charities in your area if there is a support group that suits your needs. If you don’t feel comfortable talking in groups and sharing with others you might want individual support. The important thing is that you get an opportunity to focus on how you feel and what you need. For a long time parents and other family members got the blame for the occurrence of psychiatric problems. ]
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Asked 6/29/2012 1:56:59 AM
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