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Q: what have you learned by reviewing your peers’ writing
A: You have probably done peer review in some form in the past. That is, you have probably had to review the work of other students to see if you could help them to improve it. [ For many students, peer review as they have done it in the past has seemed to be busy work or a waste of time. But for others, it has proved to be an important learning experience. In this class, I will ask you to
review one another's work at every stage before I take a close look at it myself. What's the point? Is it worth the effort? Take a moment to think about what you are doing when you do peer review. One place to start in thinking about peer review is to ask what makes it difficult. Because most of us would say that it is difficult in some sense. Probably the thing that makes it most difficult is the idea that in reviewing another student's work you seem to be judging that student. It can seem to put you in a superior position, or at least you are afraid that it can seem that way. You face a kind of dilemma in doing peer review. If you say "nice" things exclusively, you probably won't be very helpful to the writer. On the other hand, if you provide negative criticism, you risk irritating or offending the writer. It's a serious problem, and we shouldn't minimize it. And it shows itself in the two extremes of peer review. On the one hand, the fully supportive, "nice guy" approach: "Good job. Great essay!" This is probably the most useless response possible from the point of view of the writer. It tells her absolutely nothing about how she can improve the essay. It doesn't give her any idea of the essay's strengths and weaknesses. It probably doesn't even make her feel very good, because the praise is so vague as to not be very credible. For more: ]
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Asked 8/26/2012 9:29:18 AM
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