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Q: What is asexual reproduction
A: Binary fission, budding, spore formation, regeneration, vegetative propagation, and cloning. (I just learned this in Science class). Binary fission is the simplest form of asexual reproduction. [ The parent cell simply divides into two parts that are about equal. Each of the new cells, called daughter cells, becomes a separate individual. Each of the new offspring then grows to a normal size.
Binary fission is the usual method of reproduction of one-celled organisms including protozoa, bacteria, and many algae. Binary fission is also the process by which multi-cellular organisms grow. Budding is another type of asexual reproduction. New individuals develop as small growths or buds on the surface of the parent organism. The new organism may break off and live independently or remain attached and live as a colony. Budding is different from binary fission because the offspring and parent are not the same size. Yeast, hydra, sponges, and some worts reproduce by budding. Spores are special cells that some individual organisms produce. A thick, tough outer coating that protects the inner cell usually surrounds spores. When released by the parent, each spore may grow into a separate individual. Fungi, algae, and protozoa can reproduce by spore formation. Regeneration is the ability to re-grow lost body parts. Starfish, earthworms, hydra, and planarian can regenerate in to new individual. A planarian that is cut into several pieces will regenerate into several new worms. Vegetative propagation is new cells separating from the parent and forming a complete, independent individual. Plants can reproduce asexually by vegetative propagation. Roots, stems, and leaves are called vegetative structures. Some plants reproduce vegetative by special structures such as bulbs, corms, tubers, runners, and rhizomes. Farmers and gardeners have taken advantage of different plants' ability to reproduce asexually for generations. Artificial vegetative propagation allows gardeners and farmers to grow plant with certain traits. ]
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